We all know that time is money. So when we hear that there are AI tools that can save us time and make us money, it’s time for a Demo Day!

On the docket today: Merlin. It promotes itself as a “ChatGPT extension to finish any task on any website in seconds”. Does it live up to the hype?

Watch the episode now or continue reading for Dovetail + ChatGPT-4’s summary of the segment.

Introducing Merlin

When it comes to time-saving tools, Merlin is a contender. Dave Smith of Amplify Labs AI uses it to streamline his social media interactions, enabling him to respond to more people than he could manually. The tool tackles the notorious ‘blank page problem,’ providing a draft response that users can refine, making it easier to get the ball rolling in an otherwise daunting situation.

Merlin advertises itself as a “chat GPT extension that finishes any task on any website in seconds.” As a Chrome extension, it operates in the background while you work, seamlessly integrating with platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Gmail. But does it live up to its lofty claims? Let’s put it to the test.

Test Drive: Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

During the demo, Dave exhibited how Merlin effortlessly suggests replies on Twitter. It presents various response options directly in your Twitter feed once the plugin is installed. Using just one of your 50 daily free credits, you can compose a thoughtful tweet in seconds.

Switching gears to LinkedIn, we found Merlin’s personalization capability impressive. By pulling relevant information from your LinkedIn profile, Merlin drafts replies that feel uniquely yours. It makes the extra effort to encapsulate who you are and make the message authentic, which goes a long way in a professional setting like LinkedIn.

When we ventured onto YouTube, we found Merlin’s utility astonishing. Instead of spending precious hours watching long videos, Merlin can condense and summarize content, freeing up significant time in your day. Whether you’re digesting a lengthy video conference or trying to keep up with four-hour podcasts, Merlin provides an invaluable “CliffsNotes” version of content.

Test Drive: Gmail

The final test was conducted in the Gmail environment, where we compared Merlin’s prowess with Google’s inbuilt AI capabilities. The competition was fierce, but the results? We’ll leave that to you to decide!

Productivity and Beyond: The Potential of Merlin

Dave sees vast potential in Merlin as a productivity tool. After launching his AI consultancy, Dave has found himself more active on LinkedIn. Merlin’s integration into the platform made it easier to engage in thoughtful conversations, propelling his visibility. Previously, crafting a response took three to five minutes. With Merlin, it’s down to 20-30 seconds.

This AI tool not only saves time but also prevents mental fatigue by providing a helpful first draft for replies. It can be a game-changer for those moments when you need to respond but just can’t muster the words or the energy.

Final Thoughts on Merlin

As we wrapped up our exploration of Merlin, we found it to be a promising tool with the potential to revolutionize the way we interact online. We encourage our readers to join the conversation and share their experiences with Merlin and other AI tools. How are these modern-day ‘wizards’ aiding you in your daily tasks? Stay tuned for more insights and demonstrations of the latest in AI technology.