Adobe Photoshop has released a beta version of its AI tools. Is this a game-changer? Dud? You decide!

In this episode of Expert Connexions, Julie Holton interviews Dave Smith of Amplify Labs AI and Alexis Neumann of mConnexions to test the tools while gaining real-time reactions.

Watch the episode now or continue reading for Merlin’s summary of the segment.

New Adobe Photoshop AI tool demoed on Expert Connexions with graphic designer and tech expert. Beta version has generative fill feature.

[00:00] Adobe Photoshop AI tool is a game changer for graphic design

  • Photoshop beta has generative fill which uses AI to generate images
  • The tool can fill in the area outside of a selection to create a new background

[03:17] Photoshop’s background expansion tool is impressive

  • Photoshop’s background expansion tool saves time and effort in expanding backgrounds
  • The tool can intuitively repeat the existing background or add new elements to it

[06:11] Adobe AI tool is a game changer for image editing

  • AI features make editing easier and faster than traditional tools like Photoshop
  • The tool can remove unwanted elements and fill in backgrounds with appropriate colors

[08:38] Adobe’s AI tools are trained on images they own, reducing concerns about stolen images.

  • Adobe’s generative fill tool is not currently for commercial use, but may be in the future.
  • Using Adobe stock images with generative fill may be permissible for commercial use, but seek legal advice.

[11:10] Adobe’s AI tools can remove objects from images with ease

  • AI tools can give missing poses to the pieces of the image that are hidden
  • Designers still need to fix and adjust imperfections manually

[13:50] AI is opening up new possibilities for graphic designers

  • AI tools make the job easier and more interesting
  • AI struggles with complex images, but offers exciting new opportunities

[16:23] Discussion on body image and deepfakes

  • Images on Instagram are often altered and can create unrealistic expectations
  • Deepfakes raise ethical concerns and the need for open industry standards and content attribution

[19:01] Adobe’s new AI tools in Photoshop are interesting

  • Other companies are working on ethics and preventing misuse of AI
  • Excitement to see what professionals can create with the tool